About Us

KTSU Canada, Ltd. is a Canadian marketing and servicing representative for KTSU (Kunshan Kensetsu Buhin Co.,Ltd.). Our primary focus is to bring an elevated level of service to our existing customers and new customers in Canada.

KTSU (Kunshan Kensetsu Buhin Co.,Ltd.). has a leading manufacturer of undercarriage parts with worldwide success. Since 2003, KTSU has become one of the most complete ranges of track-style roller products available in the world. Our commitment to you is evident with our recent investments and development of other products such as bulldozer idlers, segments, sprockets and track chains.

Quality, Timely Delivery and Competitive Price along with the added benef­its of an elevated customer support offers our customers a new gateway to the future within the construction machinery parts industry.

Give us the opportunity to prove to you how we can reduce your operating costs and provide an assuring con­fident experience when choosing your supplier.